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Doctors, Girl or Boy, and Sisters

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Good Evening Folks!

So in the previous post, I talked about when our first doctor’s appointment was scheduled to happen.  It was supposed to happen tomorrow! Well… that is not going to happen.  I started reading in my books and online about when the first doctor’s appointment should be.  Most sources say 8-12 weeks is the prime initial visit time.  My appointment was for 6.5 weeks. Everything I was reading said that the doctor may or may not be able to see the heart beat that early. So… Ty and I talked and we decided to reschedule. There is just no reason to pay to go to a doctor’s visit with no guarantee of seeing the heart beat. If we did not see it, I would just worry for weeks! Our new appointment is at ten weeks on September 13th. I also switched doctors. The one they assigned me at first did not get good review anywhere I read.  Since we were changing the appointment I went ahead and changed the doctor as well.

On to more exciting news! Boy or Girl?? I have tried all sorts of non-medical tests. I have done the Chinese Gender Prediction test, the wedding ring and string test, online quizzes, etc.  All of the tests have told me we are having a BOY! Now those  of you out there rooting for a boy, don’t get too excited! These things are just for fun. 🙂 However, me being the planner that I am, have already picked out fabric and color schemes for boy or girl.

For a girl, we are going to paint the walls the blue. The other colors are for painted crib, dresser, book shelf, and storage cabinet. Not sure which color yet though! 

The fabric for baby girl is sweet and feminine, but not pink overload! I have had this  stuff for a while now. You never know when a fabric will be out of stock and gone forever. 😉

Here is the baby boy paint choices. The walls would be the aqua and all the furniture will be gray. The other colors are for accents throughout the room.

Baby boy fabric choices are so fun! I have not picked up  the coordinating fabrics for this one yet, but I know what they are. I will keep everyone updated as the gender is reveled and the progress of the room. We won’t start decorating til after Thanksgiving, since we will have a few guests here and  will need the guest bedrooms. We should know the gender sometime in November.


As the days pass, I am finding it harder and harder to keep my mouth shut about Baby Rose! I have talked to Autumn, Jessica, Amber, Julie, and Anna since I found out that we are pregnant. In most cases, we have talked about when Ty and I would start trying and babies. Just let me say now that ladies I am so sorry for fibbing to you!!! I want to tell you so badly, but I also want to make sure the baby is doing well before the announcement is made! It will only be a few more weeks. Of course since ya’ll have no idea what is coming, we are the ones who have to count the days! 🙂

Love you all and will post again soon!


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